Service Based Solutions

Building Customised Model Portfolios under an MDA service.

We offer consulting services to groups that may wish to design their own investment service model under a Managed Discretionary Account.

DFSPS works with MDA Providers to customise model portfolios to reflect your group’s preferred investment approach. Our portfolio management infrastructure supports both strategic asset allocation and/or dynamically managed portfolio services; and can be implemented through your preference of active and/or passive and/or factor-based  investments.

The outcome is a bespoke solution that sustains your business with significant institutional-grade research and portfolio management enhancements. We couple our MDA solutions with our portfolio management services, thereby offering you full access to and support from our Investment Team and the MDA Operations Team. The service delivers customised, fully-implemented solutions.

Our bespoke service allows your Practice to focus on its client service proposition; and:

  • Remain central to your client’s wealth plan
  • Experience increased transparency
  • Improve portfolio benchmarking and evidence your client advocacy services
  • Provide reporting designed to improve client engagement

Reposition Your Practice

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