Implemented Solutions

Streamline your practice with a fully implemented investment option

As the name implies, implemented models are ready-made and fully managed models. Our Investment Team oversees the models and takes full responsibility over asset allocation and investment selection decisions.

The major benefit of fully implemented models is that investment decisions are fully delegated to professional managers, which enhances your service capacity and improve client outcomes.

In addition to our portfolio management obligations, our focus under the fully implemented approach is to ensure that you remain informed and abreast of the basis of our portfolio decisions, which is integral to your role as the key steward of the wealth management relationship.

With the wide range of investment options on offer, you can construct a portfolio in the knowledge that full reporting and transparency remains on hand. Various combinations are possible as shown in the examples below:

Example A 100% Diversified Option eg Balanced Simple approach with the client portfolio in the one single strategy.
Example B 80% in Balanced with
20% in Global Shares Asset Class model
Adopt a core diversified strategy, with client nominated tilts.
Example C 40% in Aust Shares Asset Class Model
30% in Global Shares Asset Class Model
10% in Global Infrastructure Asset Class Model
15% in Alternative Asset Class Model
5% in Enhanced Cash Asset Class Model
Client-adviser constructed Asset Allocation. This promotes a high level of client-advisor
control, with the benefit and efficiency of robustly managed asset class models.

The flexibility and choice provided under our fully implemented service enables you to  better engage with your clients on investment related matters.

Customised Solutions

Designed portfolios around your clients’ best interests

In contrast, designed investment options are custom-made for Practices. We apply a consultative approach to create an investment offering that:

  1. largely retains your Practice’s investment offering; and
  2. provides overlays through the support of our portfolio construction infrastructure

Customised solutions are attractive options for groups that have strong convictions around their existing approach; often in managing a particular segment of client portfolios (such as direct shares) and wish to embed their capability to a broader portfolio construction capability. Our modular service structure allows you to complement your current investment offering by accessing a number of asset class models to increase the level of diversification at the aggregate client portfolio level. The extended asset class models are supported by our Investment Selection Service, which offers a choice of pre-made models or customised models, incorporating active and/or passive and/or factor-based investments.

Through our consultative service offering, your Practice is able to create and sustain an institutional grade portfolio service to complement your current investment capability. It allows you to minimise unnecessary disruptions to your core investment offering, while rounding out your overall portfolio construction service to deliver best of breed portfolio solutions.

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