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We provide IFAs & Accounting firms with sustainable, cost effective and non-conflicted portfolio solutions. A legitimate alternative to the institutional model, we believe that providing a steadier portfolio journey improves portfolio outcomes and gives clients greater peace of mind. Furthermore, we employ a rigorous and differentiated investment approach based on Dynamic Risk Management. We aspire to be a trusted partner of IFAs and Accounting firms by elevating and enabling Advisors to manage portfolio risk in a way their clients understand, appreciate and value.

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DFSPS takes a proactive approach to managing portfolio risk. We think about risks the way investors do and specifically in terms of: (1) the danger that portfolios will fall short of meeting their objectives; and (2) the anxiety investors feel during periods of heightened market turbulence. We also believe that conventional portfolio management exposes investors to unacceptably high risk when markets are disrupted. Our objective is to stabilise portfolio risk and we do this by changing the asset allocation as we observe changes in risk levels.

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