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Stay Ahead of the Regulatory Curve

The client-adviser relationship is built on trust and this places the Adviser as the key steward when it comes to wealth management matters. The Adviser role comes with broad responsibilities, which often requires a range of skillsets with diverse expertise. With increasing compliance and legislative requirements, the advice industry is being compelled to move to a business model that provides fiduciary services in a commercially effective and sustainable manner.

From an investment perspective, many Advisory firms are increasingly seeking assistance from investment specialists to help tailor or manage their bespoke solutions; and further considering fully outsourced investment solutions for certain client segments. Others yet are deferring to fully implemented solutions for all their entire client base.

Built over two decades, DFS Portfolio Solutions offers a full suite of Adviser-centric investment services. We provide a range of robustly constructed, transparent and easy-to-adopt portfolios that are relevant to the varying needs of your clients. Please consider DFS Portfolio Solutions as your investment partner. We welcome a discussion with you to understand your objectives and the challenges you wish to overcome.

Advisor Centric Investment Solutions

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