Why Model Portfolios?

How Model Portfolios can create stability, scalability and simplicity in your practice.

Traditional Approved Product List (APL) approaches offer you e greater flexibility. However, they require you to evidence knowledge and research on each underlying product. With the multitude of investments available, it becomes more challenging, if not untenable to consider the entire range of options. Portfolio changes are often delayed under APL approaches as individual advice and client approval are required, which can further exacerbate portfolio inconsistencies across your client base.

Adopting model portfolios is the key. The strengths of well-constructed model portfolios, backed by sound investment expertise, rigorous research and solid basis for model composition, overcome the above challenges.

At its basic level, a model portfolio represents an investment approach taken by a business which it applies in a cohesive manner when advising on and managing client portfolios. It provides a systematic basis for changes which invariably need to be made to client portfolios from time to time. Done well, it crystallises your firm’s investment know-how; differentiates your investment approach; provides added risk management discipline for your Practice; and evidences the stewardship of decisions made across your client portfolios.

With advances in technology, the use of model portfolios has gone from strength to strength and importantly, it can translate to meaningful administration efficiencies.

Model Portfolios can be set up in various combinations : as asset class models; diversified models; applying direct or indirect approaches; incorporate passive and/or active managers; as Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) or offered under Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) services.

The question for an advisory Practice, is not “Should I adopt Model Portfolios in my Practice?” rather “How do I best adopt Model Portfolios in my Practice?”.

Our objective is to assist Advisers in answering this question and to offer streamlined options which Advisers can consider adopting in their Practice with relative ease

How to access the DFSPS models

Regulated platforms provide the avenue to access the DFSPS models, which takes advantage of the existing arrangements with which you and your clients are already familiar. However, we utilise the platform technology to efficiently deliver model portfolio outcomes.

Our model portfolio solutions are designed to be portable between platforms. Indeed, we are platform agnostic and are able to engage with any platform of your choosing, subject to specific limitations that we will endeavour to work to.

Why DFS Portfolio Solutions?

Advisers are increasingly requiring and demanding high quality, institutional-grade investment solutions to assist them in meeting their clients’ best interests. Our investment team has extensive investment experience in managing model portfolios over two decades and is well qualified and resourced to fill this gap. Our key strengths are our ability and agility to promptly respond to changes faced by the advisory community. We welcome engagement with you, which we see as the preferred way to sustain the needs of client-facing advisors.

Research Capabilities

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