As an independent self-licensed advisory practice, our core objective is the provision of strategic advice, tailored to suit the specific and unique needs of our clients and their families on an ongoing basis.

We recognised early on in our journey that for our practice to genuinely meet this stated client-centric objective, we needed to form and rely on key B2B relationships with practitioners who both shared our values and were themselves specialists in their respective fields across accounting, law and investment management.

Our partnership with DFS Portfolio Solutions has been an integral part of this business model.  As a specialist investment consulting firm, they give us an ability to offer a tailored and implemented solution to suit our clients’ needs.  Their rigorous process and depth of experience provide our clients with confidence and peace of mind, and importantly for our practice, the relationship frees up many hours of time helping us stay focused on our primary role as strategic advisers.

Kirstie Oliver
Director at ELEVENTEN Advisory Pty Ltd
Melbourne, Australia

Create. Protect. Grow.
No family or individual are the same, and neither are their financial interests.
Eleventen is a strategic financial advisory practice. We develop tailored financial plans for our clients, based on their unique situations and individual goals.
Eleventen is committed to our clients and everything we do is in their best interests.