On Wednesday 1st August 2018 I attended the inaugural IMAP Managed Accounts Awards. Pleasingly, DFS Portfolio Solutions was named as a Finalist in all four (4) categories for which we had nominated: Australian Equities Large Cap, International Equities, Multi-Asset Class for our risk profile models, and our Alternative Investment Strategies model was nominated in the Other Asset Classes category.

The cocktail style event was well attended and after being formally welcomed by Toby Potter we were treated to a question and answer session with Winter Olympic Silver Medallist Matt Graham, who shared his personal journey and pursuit for excellence. Then it was time to announce the winners. The 6-member Judging Panel comprising of various practitioners, consultants and researchers were introduced on stage and outlined the criteria of the IMAP Awards; and finally announced the award winners.

We were delighted that we were announced as the award winner for International Equities. I was invited up on stage to collect the award and say a few brief words. The remaining awards were handed out and then it was back to Toby to wrap up the event before we enjoying the rest of night with our fellow award winners and the other attendees.