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Many investors find it difficult to justify the price of their portfolio and planning advice. DFS Portfolio Solutions offers an objective framework that enables consumers to consistently measure the levels of value and success they are achieving.

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Did You Know?
You can increase your portfolio by up to $186,000 in todays value by reducing fees

What you’re
probably getting

Total fees: 1.9% pa
(bundles personal & investment advice)

What you should
be getting

Unbundled Fees: 0.9% pa portfolio fee
plus personal advice fee of $1,500 pa

Our transparent structure encourages lower fees that can increase your portfolio by up to 18% in today’s value. Illustration based on a $500,000 portfolio earning 6.5% pa over 25 years.

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Hi there!

My name is Scott. I am one of the Fee Appraisal Team members here at DFS Portfolio Solutions. To properly and fairly benchmark your fees, your planning and portfolio advice need to be separated. This can be very tricky to do… that’s why I’m here. When you call, it will take around 10 minutes to go through your last statement. There is no need to pay any more than you have to.

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All representations are for illustrative purposes only and do not constitute financial advice.

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