DFS has extensive hands-on experience having worked with multiple platforms and anchored several bulk transitions of client accounts

The role of the DFS team is essentially to be the Adviser’s Advocate and to work closely with the Platform Transition Team.  Our ultimate objective is to provide your clients with a positive experience throughout this process.  As such, when creating the appropriate transfer plan for advisory groups, strategies are tailored accordingly.

The following services are available as additional overlays to the primary transfer project work that are generally offered by Platform Transition teams:

  1. Transition Support
  • Consult with the adviser in relation to the segmentation of clients and holdings
  • Work with the adviser on optimum transfer plan: in-specie transfer vs cash transfer
  • Provide guidance on Statement of Advice template and appropriate client communication protocol
  • Work with the adviser’s team and the platform transition team to oversee issues which may arise over the actual transfer process
  1. Integration Support
  • Assist advisers with welcome updates and client communication where appropriate to provide further client reassurances, especially over the initial months
  • Assist with options of preferred outsourcing networks for support services
  1. Ongoing Support
  • Provide guidance on Statement of Advice and Ongoing Review Templates.
  • Assist advisers with operational/process related queries which are investment model-related or platform reporting-related
  • Work with the adviser’s operation team to set up processes as required and incorporate new internal controls