DFSPS offers IFAs & Accounting firms portfolio solutions that:

  • Explicitly manages portfolio risk
  • Stabilises portfolio risk
  • Protects against capital drawdowns & permanent portfolio impairment
  • Works during good and bad times
  • Provides portfolio transparency
  • Combines active & passive investments to enhance risk-adjusted performance
  • Provides integrated portfolio reporting
    • SoA templates
    • Review document templates
    • Quarterly Newsletters
    • Prompt portfolio updates
    • Performance reports
    • Investment research reports


  • Elevates your role as Advisor
  • Promotes specialisation in financial planning
  • Provides you with a non-conflicted partner that is a portfolio management specialist
  • Arms you with investment solutions that thinks about risk the way your clients do
  • Allows your practice to gather assets (a natural outcome of the financial planning process) with confidence through portfolio solutions that meet your clients’ best interests
  • Provides your clients with what they have always demanded but told they cannot have – a solution that strikes a balance between a “smoother portfolio journey” your clients are looking for and the “portfolio outcome” they need to achieve their lifestyle goals
  • Significantly improves operational efficiency of your Practice
  • Increases your time and capacity to grow your client base and improve service levels
  • Arms you with a legitimate and defensible alternative to the institutional model
  • Disengages you from competing on price against industry super funds and large retail funds

What services can IFAs & Accountants access?

IFAs and Accountants are free to choose how they wish to access DFSPS services. Whilst some IFAs prefer to fully outsource the portfolio management to DFSPS, others will customise around their internal capabilities. The table below shows the various ways in which IFAs are currently considering and accessing our services:

  • Risk Profile Models – Fully Implemented Portfolios
  • Risk Profile Models – Complement/overlay to IFA Equity Models
  • Asset Class Models – Allowing advisors to customise assets allocation
  • DFSPS Research – IFA investment committee input